Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Urth Caffe - Santa Monica, CA

When I come to LA, my husband and I get off the plane, grab our luggage, hop in the rental car and head straight to one place - Urth Caffe. Urth Caffe is foodie heaven. If you're all healthy and vegan and organic obsessed - they've got something delicious for you. If you're not all healthy (my husband) and the word 'vegan' conjures visions of dirty, hairy arm pitted hippies - they've got something delicious for you that will make you think you've just bedded the devil and his bong wielding roommate.

There is a catch though. It's counter service only. You wait in a (usually) long line and the people who take your order make me sweat like I've just been pulled over for driving barefoot in a bikini (this actually once happened to me but it turns out I'd run a stop sign.) The upside to this pressure cooker situation is that it keeps things moving. That long line is well-greased and soon you're spit out on the other side hunting down the perfect table. The only other catch is it's a bit pricey for a 'self serve' eatery but I overlook it because I love it so much.

I could spend years talking about the menu, but luckily I don't have to. Everything has generally been fantastic (though there was once an incident with a plate of very cold, sad poached eggs which I forgave because true love is bound to disappoint you from time to time.)

Quickly - my faves are the granola and yogurt, the quesadillas, the bread pudding (pictured above with sauteed bananas, changing my attitude towards the whole dish), the plum nori wrap, the chocolate blackout cake, and the farmer's salad which is served with a dried fruit bread that will make you take your South Beach Diet book and throw it in the Pacific. Oh and anything involving their coffee is sin by the cup full for a coffee lover. Their beans are unparalleled. It's embarrassing for the international chain I visit every day (Starbucks.) Others swear by their boba bubble tea which I haven't tried because I'm afraid those round baubles are going to send me to outer space if I drink them.

Urth has locations in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Downtown but I prefer the one in Santa Monica:) It sounds shallow, but the homeless are less likely to come snag your sammie while you're in the bathroom there and the ocean breeze is delightful.

A final note - due to the amazing interweb, YOU can experience Urth's insanely delish jams, coffee beans, and granola with the click of your all too friendly mouse...

Okay - a final final note is that these pics may not last long. I actually got yelled at for taking them. Apparently counter photos are a no-no. Which only made me want to take more of them. But the bread pudding image is all mine. I took it at my own damn table after I damn fair and square paid for it.

Urth Caffe
2327 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 314-7040


Siri said...

I love Urth! They make pretty hearts in their lattes : )

Jenn said...

You rebel!! Yum, the food looks fantastic! Heck, all these posts of places in Cali makes me want to take a food trip to there and soon!!