Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogger SOS

Hi fellow foodies and bloggers!

It has come to my attention recently that my blog simply refuses to show several of my readers' comments. I have no idea why this is happening. I've even contacted blogger to no avail about fixing it. So if you're one of those people - please don't take it personally! I LOVE receiving comments and am not weeding yours out - promise!

But I need your help. If you have a blog - has this ever happened to you and how did you fix it? Or if you used to be on blogger and switched to something like wordpress and found you like that better I'd love to here from you too. I'm nervous about switching but might have too - this is just too annoying.

Please send a message to me directly (under my 'contact me') if you have any help or info for me and can't leave it in the comment section due to this annoying glitch.

Thanks and have a great Sunday y'all!

Alisa (The Meat and Potatoes Foodie)