Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pet Sounds Bar - Stockholm, Sweden

If you're ever in Stockholm, eat at Pet Sounds Bar. Weird name, I know. Apparently it used to be a record label. Really cool space, good music, and excellent food (their signature drinks are even named in the spirit of rock legends and famous pop/country songs, such as A Boy Named Sue...)

I ordered 'the duck - x3.' I had no idea what that meant until they brought it out. It included an artfully displayed, brown sugar-crusted, seared duck breast with chocolate and olive tapenade (delicious!), and foie gras (which I skipped) over an incredibly succulent seasoned section of braised duck meat. Get it - 'duck...x3!'

We also had an incredible Jerusalum artichoke soup with goat cheese ravioli, walnuts and thyme. I'll be trying to replicate this one soon...

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