Friday, January 30, 2009

The 'Ten Random Things About Me' phenom.

Anyone who's on Facebook or reads blogs has seen this running rampant on the World Wide Web - the thing where you're supposed to list anywhere from 10 to 25 random things about yourself, in a supposedly embarrassing yet deep down self indulgent and satisfying epistolary exercise. Here's mine (kept to 15, to keep from boring you:)

1. If I could live in any movie, it would be Urban Cowboy, and I'd alternate between the roles of Sissy and Pam, depending on my mood.
2. I was once in a commercial for Austin's KLBJ radio station (classic rock), where I was the only non-stripper among the 12 or so girls featured. I had the logo painted on my back.
3. I have loved men with long hair since I was 12. Exhibit A? My husband.
4. I have upwards of 200 cookbooks and counting. I literally can't stop myself from buying them. They're my 'shoes.'
5. I also have a strange addiction to buying various shades of nail polish (usually pink or red), yet never paint my fingernails and only paint my toes twice a year.
6. I love wine. Really, really, really.
7. If I wasn't married to my husband, I'd be married to the drummer from Kings of Leon. Only he wouldn't be allowed to speak, since anything he said would be bound to disappoint my rock and roll fantasy of him.
8. I am a classic horror movie buff, which leads to the fact that...
9. I've seen Rosemary's Baby 67 times and counting.
10. I work with my husband. We literally sit next to one another day in, day out, and have for ten years.
11. I sometimes fantasize that I'm a burlesque dancer, a la Dita Von Teese, only all of my shows are done with the lights out.
12. I love cooking and feeding people (shocker, I know.)
13. I look up Austin realty at least once a week and pretend I'm buying a house there.
14. I hate politics.
15. I have 4 horses, one of which was my first real horse (not a pony) whom I've had since I was 10. I'm now 31.

Consider yourself tagged, and send me your list!

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Haley said...

200 cookbooks! i'm impressed!