Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 Minute Meal; Eggs, Cheese, Prosciutto

I am not an eggs/bacon/toast gal for breakfast. I prefer to start the day with something small and sweet, leaving the serious eating to later on. So it makes sense that I almost never eat eggs. I like eggs, but I never think of them since they're mostly breakfast food. Well shame on me for my old fashioned stereotypes. There is no reason on earth eggs have to be breakfast.

This occurred to me for the first time the other night when we got home late from work and I opened the fridge knowing there wasn't much in there, fearing I'd have to order take out. Here's what stared back at me - eggs, some shredded Mozzarella, and a package of diced prosciutto.

Not less than 5 minutes later, I was sitting on the couch, steaming bowl of fluffy scrambled eggs in hand. The only thing that could have made this little miracle dinner any better was a glass of Champagne, but I was too tired to open any.

I give you...Eggs, Cheese, Prosciutto!

Scrambled eggs with Mozzarella Cheese and Prosciutto (or anything you've got in your fridge.)
Serves 1

Splash of milk
3 eggs
Heaping tablespoon of proscuitto bits or 2 prosciutto slices, torn up
1/3 cup of shredded Mozzarella
salt and pepper

Pour a splash of milk into small bowl, then crack the eggs in. Whip with a fork or whisk to break up, then add in your cheese and prosciutto, season with salt and pepper, and whip a few seconds more until fluffy.

Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat, pour in the egg mixture and let sit for 1 minute, until sides begin to look cooked. Use your spatula to gently 'scramble', let sit for 30 seconds, then repeat until eggs are desired consistency.

* Actually, I could have easily snipped in some Italian parsley or green onions which I also had on hand, but something about the beautiful graphicness of the hot pink prosciutto chunks against the smooth yellow eggs told me not to.

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